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Plymouth Leander are committed in helping every athlete in the programme reach his or her maximum potential. The Club believe that this can be and will be achieved for a wide range of ages and ability levels. As an accredited Swim 21 Performance Programme, Plymouth Leander do place their greatest strength of resources with the most committed and able athletes in the programme.

For many PL members, the development of potential will often be judged in terms of competitive results. However, various other developmental considerations exist and the programme aims to touch each athlete’s life in a number of ways. This includes:

Dealing with success and failure

Setting and achieving goals

Exploring and testing an individual’s limits
It is recognised that athletes develop at different rates and the coaching staff are intent on allowing the individual nature of the sport to be fully realised. This will be accomplished by offering an unrivalled and comprehensive training programme that adheres to the principles of long-term athlete development and provides each swimmer with the opportunities they need to progress within the sport.

In addition, in order to demonstrate the benefits of being a member, the club will endeavour to engage the athletes and their parents in volunteer work, social activities and other events that are indirectly related to sporting performance.