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Plymouth College




Aspiring National and International Age and Youth Swimmers

Secondary School Education and Swimming Scholarships

with the UK’s Leading Swimming Academy

Discover Your Future…

As Great Britain’s leading age group and youth swimming programme, ambitious athletes aged 10-19 years wishing to develop their swimming with Plymouth Leander are able to do so whilst benefiting from a first class senior school education with Plymouth College. The combined programme offers many unique benefits which allow young athletes to flourish both in the pool and in the classroom without one compromising the other.

The Plymouth College/Plymouth Leander partnership commenced in September 2001 to coincide with the opening of the College’s pool. Since this time, the scholarship scheme has welcomed many day and boarding students who have developed into National champions and medallists and ensured regular international selections for Great Britain and home nations swim teams, as well as facilitating international success for athletes from numerous overseas nations.


Plymouth College is a co-educational school based in the maritime city of Plymouth with the magnificent moorland, countryside and coastal landscapes of Devon and Cornwall close to hand. The school has been at the forefront of education in the South West of England since 1877 and, whilst quietly conscious of its past and traditions, it remains forward-looking and dynamic. The College prides itself on successfully combining both academic and swimming excellence. Conveniently placed in a quiet though central part of Plymouth, the school is ½ a mile from the railway station, 1 mile from the central bus station and 3½ miles from the airport. The College is easily accessible from the M5 ? A38 standard express route into Plymouth.


Our Coaches…


· Led by Head Coach and Director of Swimming Jon Rudd, the programme benefits from the leadership of one of Britain’s most celebrated and successful coaches

· Jon has worked for the British swim team in numerous Head Coach capacities around the world, as well as leading countless camps and development initiatives for our nation. He is a Great Britain National Squad Coach

· Lindsay Dunn consistently delivers on the pool deck and in the gym as part of the England Talent ID programme and the England AASE programme

· Dwaine Bushell, Matt Bell, Elle Compton, Grace Parker and Matt Cross complete our fulltime professional coaching team, arguably making this the most complete and exciting coaching group operating under one roof in Great Britain today

· Full coaching profiles are available on both the Plymouth Leander and Plymouth College websites


“As a former prep school coach I can identify with all of the great things that a school environment can bring to a swimming team. I can see the careful care and attention that you and your staff bring to the children and I know what a great difference you have made to their lives. In my mind you have perhaps the best set up in the UK for developing such swimmers and I know of your desire to take your athletes through to the final step.”

Chris Martin, Great Britain Development Coach


In The Water…


· Performance athletes are able to take advantage of weekday (2 hour) pool sessions at 3.30pm following their final lesson of the day. This facility is available to both day and boarding students at the College

· Morning (2½ hour) pool sessions run from 5.30am six days per week and these become more civilised 7.30am starts on weekdays during half term and full term vacation periods


And On Land…

· Our Strength & Conditioning programme is an intrinsic part of our coaching philosophy and is exemplary in both its content and innovativeness

· Three specialist Strength & Conditioning coaches are employed by the programme to deliver land work to reach the needs of the individual, from the young age grouper in core development to the senior sprint specialist in the weights room


Sports Science & Medicine

· Led by Lindsay Dunn MSc, our programme is one of the few in the country that can boast a comprehensive day by day sports science support package for our athletes

· With a fully qualified Sports Physiologist and Nutrionist on site throughout the week, advice and guidance for athletes and coaches is always available

· Our Chartered Physiotherapist has a treatment room in the College’s medical centre and a further such facility in the swimmer’s boarding house, enabling quick and expert injury treatment and/or sports massage therapy when required

· Our Sports Psychologist will work with athletes on an individual basis and within group settings throughout the season. The value that this work can add to an athlete in the competitive arena is simply immeasurable

· Our Performance Analysis Manager ensures that race models and profiles are always on hand at key meets throughout the season

National Speedo League Champions of England & Wales 2008, 2009 & 2010


Programme Focus & Direction…

· This is a British Swimming Development Club, a programme supported by the ASA Club & Coach Funding Project, a Swim 21 Performance Programme and in receipt of the Sport England ‘Club Mark’. We are one of the few British swimming programmes recognised for our work by the National Association for Gifted Children

· This programme can offer their performance athletes over 25 hours of pool time per week in a purpose built on-site pool, structured in such a way that it does not impact on academic achievement

· This programme guarantees that direction, focus and finance will not be diluted by other distractions or disciplines of the ASA. Performance competitive swimming is our sole motivator and beneficiary


Boarding at the College…


· We believe that Captain’s House, the boarding facility for our swimming athletes, is the only swimming specific house of its kind in the country

· Captain’s House is organised and run by four staff who all hail from high profile pastoral and welfare backgrounds, ensuring that elite performance needs and requirements are understood from the outset

· Three common rooms within the accommodation ensure a warm social atmosphere within the house, along with a quiet study area and a computer suite for daily use

· Athletes live in spacious twin rooms rather than dormitories and can often be offered single rooms in their senior years. All rooms are wi-fi connected, allowing them to double as private study areas when required

· Athletes are transported to and from the accommodation by staff each morning and afternoon, ensuring safety, security (and protection from the elements!) in doing so

· Swimming scholars are encouraged to return home at weekends and in school holidays for their own well-being and to maintain a link with their original home programme. This is at each athletes’ discretion and, as such, are still able to stay at the College over a weekend should they so desire

· Captain’s House remains open at the end of both the Spring and Summer terms to allow for effective taper and preparation into the British Championships, National Age Championships and National Youth Championships. This unique facility allows our athletes every opportunity to perform at their peak at the highest levels of domestic competition each and every year

· Captain’s House is a stone’s throw from the confirmed site of Plymouth’s new and imminent 10-lane 50m pool

“What you have is unique; it is the best of the school, club, coach, parent, young person relationships. Like any innovation it takes a few people to take the risk and to have the faith. I have been very impressed and as a nation we can learn more from our own backyard than we think.”

Guin Batten, Head of Performance, Youth Sport Trust



The Learning Environment & Pastoral Care…


· The College is a vibrant and busy school with a successful history. In the classroom, the College offers a full range of subjects with setting where appropriate

· Teaching is based on the National Curriculum and is delivered by a dedicated and talented staff

· The College has a non-selective intake, yet our typical pass rate at GCSE (A* - C) is 94% and the typical pass rate at ‘A’ Level is 98%. Over 90% of our students go on to study at University

· GCSE classes average 15 in number and ‘A’ Level classes an average of 8 to ensure the highest level of care through these crucial years

· The College is now running the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme alongside ‘A’ Levels in the Sixth Form

· Regular communication between boarding & pastoral staff, parents, coaches and the athletes themselves ensures a professionalism to our ‘playground to podium’ ethic that is second to none when it comes to athlete welfare. Members of the academic staff visit Captain’s House each evening to assist the athletes with their studies

· As well as day pupils from Plymouth and the surrounding area, the College welcomes students (including numerous swimming athletes) from all over the world including Europe, the Far East, Asia and the Americas


British Swimming Development Club Status 2008, 2009 & 2010




Swimming Programme Facilities…


· 25m pool (starting blocks and anti-wave lane lines) built September 2001

· Fully equipped weights & fitness suite, wooden floor gymnasium and full size sports hall

· Sports conference room above the pool, used for athlete briefings, target setting sessions and parent meetings

· The City of Plymouth have confirmed plans to build a 10-lane 50m pool with a separate 6-lane 25m swim down pool in Central Park by

November 2011. The College’s grounds back on to the Park


Our Athletes…

· Our athletes are truly world class. In the last four years, our athletes have won World, Commonwealth and European medals, competed in World Championship finals & have broken over 70 British and English records

· The number of our athletes with international experience is now in excess of 30, with the majority of this number having been selected for Great Britain and/or England

· Our athletes hold National records across seven different nations around the world

· The announcement of the Great Britain London 2012 Target Squad saw more swimming athletes named from the Plymouth programme than from any other swimming club or city in the country

· British Swimming’s World Class programme and the England Talent ID programme annually announces impressive numbers of Plymouth athletes, coaches and team managers with whom they are involved


“My six years as part of the Plymouth programme gave me the best possible foundation to go on and win my Olympic medal. I can fully recommend it for ambitious young swimmers”

Cassandra Patten, Bronze Medallist, Beijing Olympic Games 2008



Our Team…

· This programme produces both top male and female athletes as well as high achieving age, youth & senior athletes

· Plymouth Leander were named as Great Britain’s Top Youth Club in 2008, 2009 and 2010

· Plymouth Leander won the National Arena League Cup Final of England & Wales in 2008, 2009 and 2010

· In English Schools’ swimming events, Plymouth College annually lead the nation in all forms of ESSA competition

· We boast contemporary achievements rather than living off historical glories. We can show you an intimacy to our programme where success both in the pool and in the classroom is inevitable


Coaching Pedigree & Performance…

· How many swimming programmes offer you the chance to work with not one but two coaches both with international pedigree and a team of seven professional coaches on a day by basis?

· How many programmes can guarantee that another international standard coach is always there to work with the athletes when the other is away on International duty?

· How many programmes can offer both leading male and female coaches to work with athletes in the daily training environment and in competition?


Swimming Scholarships at the College

Swimming scholarships of up to a 50% reduction in the College’s fees can be offered by the Headmaster in consultation with the Director of Swimming

To discuss this opportunity further and discover your future, contact

Jon Rudd (Director of Swimming)

Swim Office:  0044 1752 505121 

Mobile: 0044 7792 052703

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Plymouth College Secondary School Prospectus

The Swim Office, Plymouth College, Ford Park, Plymouth PL4 6RN, England