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My name is Jon Rudd & I am Head Coach of Plymouth Leander. In the 20 years I have been here, PL has risen from a small but well run local club, to become one of the true power houses of British Swimming. There is no one reason for this success, but we like to believe that talent combined with great coaching is right up there.

There is an old saying in swimming that “the race is not won by the fastest swimmer, but by the one who slows down the least”. In one sense that neatly encapsulates Plymouth Leander’s approach to coaching. Any competent coach can increase a swimmers speed. What we do best at Plymouth Leander is increase the distance over which that speed is maintained. At PL we constantly work on speed, technique, stamina, starts and turns. We use the most innovative & effective techniques available & we never consider our work “done”. There is no such thing as the perfect swimmer. We use this approach right the way through our swimming programme from our Juniors who are just taking up the sport, through to our seasoned international swimmers.


This work does not just end with the water. Our intensive land training programmes, approaches to diet and nutrition and sports psychology, are second to none among swimming clubs. We employ the best people in their respective fields & then we give them the freedom to do what they do best.


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