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Performance 1(PE1) Squad Criteria

Youth, Senior & Female Age athletes to be considered will display an attitude, commitment and lifestyle that consistently displays that the sport of competitive swimming (pool and/or open water) is:

  • Their highest priority in their lives other than their education commitments
  • Their highest sporting priority


Youth, Senior & Age athletes to be considered will fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • Finalist (or equivalent in a HDW event) at the 2012 British Championships, 2012 British National Youth Championships and/or 2012 ASA Senior National Championships and have been selected for the ASA Plymouth Beacon Programme (Daily Training Environment)
  • Medallist at the 2012 British National Age Championships (13-14 years), 2012 British National Age Open Water Championships and/or 2012British National Youth Open Water Championships and have been selected for the ASA Plymouth Beacon Programme (Daily Training Environment).
  • International representation for a major swimming nation (excluding home nations) in 2011-2012 or 2012-2013 and have been selected for the ASA PLymouth Beacon Programme (Daily Training Environment).



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2.      ‘Core’ Pool and Strength & Conditioning Programme in this instance refers to:

§  The allocation of water time and Strength & Conditioning time from which each individual athlete’s weekly coaching programme shall come. Once accepted into the programme, athletes will be prescribed a set weekly allocation of Pool and Strength & Conditioning-based coaching sessions which will be followed. This has to be adhered to by athletes. In addition, athletes in this programme must be aware that little if any opportunity exists to ‘make up’ for any missed sessions during any one week

§  Where a pool session is allocated to a particular athlete and in the Head Coaches opinion, that athlete consistently fails to attend the session and make use of the allocated water time regularly, the Head Coach reserves the right to withdraw such an allocation for the remainder of the season. The Head Coach may operate this policy without prior notice to the athlete or their parent/s (if under the age of 18).

§  The Head Coach reserves the right to deploy pockets of athletes into alternative sessions outside of  those published in the ‘Core’ Pool Programme to create stroke and event specific working groups


3.      Athletes shall have achieved the entry criteria in the 2010-2011 season to be considered for the programme, subject to successful application and interview


4.      The following considerations will be made on an athlete’s appropriateness for the squad based on both objective and subjective assessments of the 2010-2011 season:

§  Attendance

§  Commitment to performance swimming

§  Attitude to training and contribution to squad dynamics

§  Immediate and long term potential

§  Fulfilment of 2010-2011 squad criteria

§  Personal Organisation

§  Recent Performance Levels at National and/or International level


5.      An interview may be deemed necessary to take place between the athlete (and parent/s if under 18 years) and the Head Coach prior to acceptance in to the programme. Athletes will be required to bring their log book from the 2010-2011 season to such an interview




6.      Athletes shall complete a minimum number of Pool and Strength & Conditioning sessions per week for a minimum of 48 weeks per annum. Each athlete will be aware of their individual minimum attendance level


7.      Although the weekday Plymouth College a.m sessions officially finish at 0745, it is understood that some athletes may need to extend their session to 0800 on occasions as deemed necessary by the Head Coach


8.      Athletes will fully comply with the Saturday a.m session rotation system and will be responsible for ensuring that they attend the correct session each week


9.      Tuesday p.m, Thursday p.m and Saturday a.m sessions are compulsory sessions each week for all athletes


10.  Athletes carrying an injury or returning from injury who are unable to complete the full requirements of a pool session may be allocated alternative sessions during this period


11.  Athletes shall sign and commit to a ‘Lifestyle Agreement’ as a Performance athlete with National Podium and/or International aspiration


12.  Athletes shall complete and maintain a log book of all of their pool-based training sessions

§  Log books will include swim set content, total session volume and all recorded set results

§  Log books will also include competition results, splits, stroke counts and other feedback from coaching staff

§  Log books will be collected in on a regular basis by a member of the coaching staff for review

§  Athletes will be expected to bring their log book to training sessions for review when requested by the Head Coach or a coaching deputising for the Head Coach


13.  Athletes shall enter and, if accepted, attend the End of Cycle Meets promoted by the Head Coach. Athletes shall endeavour to enter and, if accepted, attend the mid-cycle meets promoted by the Head Coach


14.  Athletes/Parents will not plan any family holidays or any residential school trips, excursions or camps that fall during the season. The annual shut down period is the only time that such activities will take place. Failure to adhere to this requirement will be considered in assessing the continuation of such a squad place and/or squad places in the immediate subsequent season


15.  Athletes shall not enter any meets which are not promoted by the Head Coach. Unless clearance is explicitly given by the Head Coach, entries for events outside of the PL calendar will not be permitted in order to prevent over competition in unnecessary events which interfere with training and the long term development of the athlete


16.  During 2011-2012, (unless contrary reason is provided by the Head Coach), athletes in this programme shall be expected to enter:


§  The ASA South West Championships (where QT’s are achieved)

§  The British Long Course Championships (where QT’s are achieved)

§  The ASA South West Youth or Age Championships (where QT’s are achieved)

§  The ASA Senior National Championships (where QT’s are achieved)

§  The British National Youth or Age Championships (where QT’s are achieved)

§  All End of Cycle Meets

§  All other mid-cycle meets and specialised events as directed by the Head Coach



17.  All National, Regional and County selections for competition, camps and/or training opportunities will be discussed with the Head Coach prior to responding to/application to the inviting body


18.  All athletes are expected, if selected, to be available to represent PL in the following events in the 2011-2012 period:


§  Devon County ASA Relay Competitions

§  ASA South West Relay Competitions (Age, Youth & Senior)

§  National Relay Competitions (Age, Youth & Championships)

§  Arena League Rounds 1, 2, 3 and National Final


Where an athlete is selected to represent PL in one of the above events and fails to attend, PL reserves the right not to contribute financially to the athlete’s entry into National competitions. In addition, PL also reserves the right to not apply for funding or sponsorship on behalf of that athlete from any such body


19.  Athletes will not compete for any other team in any League competition without the express permission or recommendation from the Head Coach


20.  Athletes will always be in possession of a full complement of necessary and required training equipment. This includes:

§  Kick Board

§  Pull Buoy

§  Ankle Band

§  Fins (Short Blade)

§  Finger Paddles

§  Hand Paddles (appropriate size for current physical development)

§  Snorkel

§  2 x Fluid Bottles


Athletes who do not own items on this equipment and do not intend to own such items should not apply to join the programme


21.  At National Competitions, all PL athletes are expected to stay in the recognised team accommodation organised by PL and abide by the rules and the Code of Conduct promoted by PL. All athletes will attend Final sessions & support team members that are in finals unless otherwise directed by the Head Coach


22.  Athletes will consult with the Head Coach entries for all Meets before submitting their entry form to PL for entry. Entries will not be submitted by PL unless they have been signed by the Head Coach


23.  Athletes who do not achieve a National Qualifying time before the final designated meet on the PL calendar will be required to move into an alternative coaching programme for the remainder of the season


24.  Athletes will lose their place in the programme if these criteria are not met and maintained. Athletes and/or parents will be involved in discussion with the Head Coach before such measures are utilised. The Head Coach’s decision on whether or not athletes are displaying sufficient commitment to the programme will be final


25.  Athletes entering an important period of public examinations or similar circumstances and who feel that their training commitments cannot be met should negotiate such arrangements with the Head Coach well in advance of the required period



26.  Where places remain in the squad (where, in the Head Coach’s opinion, lane space is not fully allocated and athletes could be added without their inclusion being detrimental to the coaching space available to those athletes already selected via the squad criteria), athletesmay be offered the opportunity to fill the remaining places in the squad if the Head Coach views their inclusion in the programme will enhance the squad dynamic and that the athlete has the potential to achieve the squad criteria during the season. Such positions would be reviewed by the Head Coach on 31/12/11 and 01/04/12 respectively


27.  The Head Coach, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, reserves the right to alter the criteria for this programme at any time. The protocols and criteria will be reviewed by the Head Coach in conjunction with the Executive Committee when deemed necessary