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Masters Squad

1. Former competitive athletes, triathletes, competitive masters athletes & adult fitness squad. Athletes may access any three sessions per week from the five provided 2. All Master’s sessions are free to any PL coach who regularly commits to the coaching of at least one PL session per week Core Pool Programme Monday 2100 – 2200 Pool Plymouth College Tuesday 2100 – 2200 Pool Plymouth College Wednesday 2100 – 2200 Pool Plymouth College Thursday 2100 – 2200 Pool Plymouth College Friday 2100 – 2200 Pool Plymouth College

Potential 1 (PO1) Squad

Kirsty Dinham

Tait Marles

Ben Parker

Kelcey Pillage

Terence Li

Emma Silk

Connor Andrews

Danial Pengelly

Max Forstenhausler

Callum Rayment

Dan Crook

Lucy Rowland

Sam Atkinson

Amanda Sanderson

Naomi Cragg

Kelly Lethbridge

Reece Dunn

Chloe Hamilton

Emma Noyce

Louis Gautier

Laker Wong

Coaching Staff

PL Coaching Team


Head Coach
Jon Rudd


Assistant Head Coach & Head of Sports Science/Medicine
Lindsay Dunn


Assistant Performance Coaches
Matt Cross

Callum Doyle

Claudia Coleman

Alan Rooker (As Part of the ASA Regional Beacon Programme)

Jo John (As Part of the ASA Regional Beacon Programme)


Pool Programme Heads
Jon Rudd (PE1, PE2, PE3 & PE4)
Callum Doyle (Fast Track 1 & 2)
Matt Cross (PO1 & PO2)
Grace Parker (Junior 1, 2, 3 & 4, PO2 & PO3)


Assistant Age Group Coaches
Pete Hosking
John Nethercott
Hannah Kett
Kirsty Dinham
Sam Atkinson
Clive Hambly
Chris John


Masters Coaches
Chris Rollinson
John Nethercott
Alfie House
Pete Hosking
Pete Abrahams


Strength & Conditioning Coaches
Lindsay Dunn

Matt Bell



Chartered Physiotherapist
Alison Morton

Paris Payne


Sports Massage Therapist
Amy Pomeroy


Team Management Coordinator
Sarah Drew


Performance Analysis Manager
Sarah Langman


Coaching Coordinator (Absence Cover)
Amanda Williams


Lifeguard Coordinator
Helen Dinham

Potential 2 (PO2) Squad

Hannah Kett

Oscar Marsland

Amber Evans

Thomas Little

Hazel Crutchley

Harry Thompson

James Wall

Daniel John