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As one of the UK's leading swimming programmes, Plymouth Leander takes great pride in the appearance of their athletes, staff and supporters.

Other swim teams from around the country regularly comment on this and how PL strike a professional and smart team unity, primarily down to our Uniform policy.

The 'PL' brand is recognised throughout British Swimming and is a fundamental factor in our high status and respect.

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PL and TYR



Plymouth Leander have a long-standing and much celebrated relationship with TYR. Named after the mythical Norse god of warriors and deity among all athletes, the TYR brand embodies the competitive spirit of sports and is a symbol of courage and victory. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of performance swimwear, TYR have a keen eye for both swimming talent and athletic prospects.



The company are more widely associated with US and European swim programmes and therefore PL are fortunate to co-exist with TYR in a mutually beneficial relationship that goes from strength to strength each year

Carlo Bonza (TYR Europe) and Len Burdell (TYR UK) are in close contact with PL on a regular basis and consistently place a large degree of finance and other resources into our programme. It is in PL's interest to maintain this relationship and nurture it to new levels whenever and wherever possible. Therefore, it is crucial that PL athletes, staff and supporters alike all associate themselves with the TYR brand as much as possible. With this in mind, PL wish to ensure the following:

  • All relay performances are conducted by PL athletes in TYR suits (matching suits where possible)
  • All team events, such as the National Swimming League, are conducted by PL athletes in TYR suits
  • Individual performances at Open Meets, County, Regional and National level are conducted, where possible, in TYR suits
  • The PL brand becomes synonymous with the TYR brand and our success moves together, hand in glove

It should be noted that PL athletes who have finished competing or who are not competing in a particular session at a meet but wish to stay on deck with the PL team must also comply with the following uniform policies.